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Belgian chocolate gifts for all occasions

Every time you visit the Godiva chocolate shop in Louvain, you will discover something new. Godiva surprises you with festive chocolate gifts for all occasions. For example, come and admire the Godiva All Gold Tower or the Godiva With Love Gift. The Godiva Gold Ballotin Tower is presented in a stylish gold bag.

Mother’s Day

Forgot Mother's Day? No, you can't! But then again, how can you best put mother in a party mood? Try seducing her with an original gift from the Godiva shop, choose from beautiful packaging filled with delicious treats! Your mother will shine! And you...a little proud, right?

Father’s Day

Dads won't admit it very soon, but they're gourmands too and it might be a little special. Father's Day is the ideal time to discover that special range of truffles at Godiva, they melt in your mouth. Besides that, the gift boxes are also very inviting, the choice will be difficult, but dad will be overjoyed. Dads, good advice, be careful with mothers and children in the vicinity of so many sweets...?!

Pamper yourself or others: discover all novelties at Godiva in Louvain!

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