Belgian chocolates at Godiva in Louvain

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Chocolate specialities you can’t get enough of

Godiva stands for refinement and innovation: every chocolate creation is made for you by Godiva’s Chefs Chocolatier. At Godiva in Louvain, each chocolate lover will find more than what he or she is looking for: chocolate bars, chocolate pearls, biscuits, truffles and more sweets. We are convinced that after tasting Godiva other chocolate disappears into thin air!

Chocolate surprises that make someone happy

Show that special someone what he or she means to you? Give a company gift or a wedding present? It cannot get any better than with Godiva: choose from surprise gift boxes with a selection of products, gift vouchers and chocolate creations presented in the most beautiful packaging.

Discover all the chocolate at Godiva in Leuven!

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