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Belgian chocolates of top quality since 1926

It is no surprise that Belgium is the home of the best chocolate. Also, the Belgian Godiva is certainly in it for a reason. After all, this renowned chocolate maker has proudly been one of the most prestigious chocolate brands in the world since 1926! Today, it has more than 600 in-house shops in more than 100 countries worldwide. The official Godiva chocolate shop in Louvain is one of them. For 25 years it has been difficult to choose here between the most delicious chocolates and other chocolate specialities of the finest quality!

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Godiva chocolates are made with the greatest care. Truffles, a milk selection, dark selection and white selection: all masterpieces you must have tried.

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Chocolate specialties


Godiva not only creates divine chocolate, but also after 92 years succeeds in coming up with innovative and unique creations. This shows in our sublime chocolate assortment.

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Special chocolate gifts for special occasions? You can find them in all forms at Godiva in Louvain. Time after time, there are many novelties to discover.

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Real chocolate lovers choose for chocolatier Godiva in Louvain!

  • Top quality with Belgian chocolates from a renowned brand

  • Legendary passion for all things chocolate

  • Delivers to both individuals and companies

  • Also home delivery at extra cost

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